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With sustainable growing and feedlotting practices at the forefront of Coggan Farms, the cattle aspect continues to exceed new heights in innovation.

Opened in 1978, the Coggan feedlot is currently licenced to fit 10,000 units of prime beef. The family feed their cattle with homegrown products (excluding cottonseed and supplements), made directly on-farm. With an extensive background feeding operation in place, the family has built a wealth of knowledge across the lifespan of their cattle. In the operation, it is recognised that there is a need for socialising a herd before they transition into the feedlot for optimal results. This specialised, ‘closed’ operating system allows Coggan cattle to be produced efficiently, at optimum health and with minimal exposure until they leave the premises. 

Coggan Farms currently supplies both local markets including Woolworths and export markets.

With a breeding line consisting of Angus and Speckle Park lines, Coggan family bred cattle are mixed with others from local Australian producers to create optimal beef breeders. All the cattle grow out on the renowned Western Downs grazing country. 

Farm Machinery pouring feed into red farm container
Green farming crop, farmer with yellow shirt and cap, crop irrigation machinery in background