GRAIN: Innovative grain practices that feed the world.

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With a rich grain growing history, Coggan Farms continue to lend themselves to innovation in the cropping industry. 

As pioneering wheat growers of the Westmar/Inglestone area and one of the first growers north-west of the Queensland/New South Wales border, the Coggan family has been a part of the evolution of grain growing in the region. As first generation farmers on the land assisting with bags handled by hand onto trucks to today’s innovative, technology-led farming procedures, Coggan’s are on the forefront of all grain management systems. 

“We have always made our home and farm available to enhance further research in the grains industry and have felt the information gathered has benefitted us as individuals and the industry as a whole,” Phillip Coggan says.

With a focus on longevity protein production, Coggan Farms instills efficient farming practices that supports cutting down on waste, ensuring that all products are grown and products on-site prior to export for national and international markets.