MEATMASTERS: The perfect combination of the best sheep, all in one place.

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Instilling a commercial flock into a lamb feedlot, Coggan Farms established a Meatmaster Stud that combined that idyllic balance of a number of impeccable sheep –  the White Dorper, Van Rooy, Wiltshire Horn and Damara. 

With a goal in mind to achieve full shedding capabilities, easy care animals, functionality and above all, Australian-standard prime lamb, Coggan Farms continued with the goal of the Meatmaster Stud. 

The Coggan family purchased their first lot of sheep from Dennis Russell at his Genelink stud dispersal sale in 2010. With a large history in sheep genetics, Mr Russell imported embryos for two prominent breeds from South Africa to Australia  the first white Dorper  and the Damara both in 1996. 

The Coggan Farms Meatmaster Stud has seen excellent development, providing economical profitable commercial sheep for meat production. The sheep meet specifications for crossbred lambs, and establish strong flocking habits for sheep. Research shows that mothers coming from the stud are strong with high twinning rates, and in general are consistently providing a strong, agile animal with muscle to suit long walking needs in open country. These versatile animals are functional with short hair, no wool harvesting or external parasite issues, and tail removal is optional.